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Hi. I’m Rebecca Mullen.

I am an artist, writer and coach. I help you deepen the connection you have to yourself, your relationships and your home.

I believe it is the smallest details of our lives that help us understand our souls. When we pay attention and notice those details without judgment, welcoming the mud and flowers alike, our greatest potential has room to expand with ease.

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Watch My TEDx Talk

My Daughter became a vegetarian after learning the horrors of animal testing. My son fills our freezer each year with meat he shot with his bow. With such a chasm between beliefs, how did our family find harmony at the dinner table? We learned to tell and to listen to one another’s stories.

Align Your Attention With Your Values

When your attention and your values are aligned, you feel happiness. When your values and your attention are in conflict, you feel overwhelmed, frustrated and depressed. Yuck! Learn to recognize and adjust what is altering you.

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There are a variety of ways for us to work together. Start with what works for you.

Laugh more. Fight less.

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