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Do you struggle in your relationship to communicate about problems without being a jerk? How does laughter impact your relationship communication?

It comes easily to my son, Logan. It’s his superpower. I’m thrilled to have him as a guest on the podcast to celebrate the milestone of my 50th episode.

Logan’s superpower helps him be a better husband. In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Logan’s elopement story and the advantages and disadvantages that come with eloping
  • Why laughter is a great choice for your relationship conflict resolution
  • How our pets teach us about unconditional love



Eloping: a template for your relationship communication?

My son eloped this year. Suddenly I realized why my parents had mixed feelings when I eloped. Things look different when you see them from a different point of view, right?

When his new bride asked him if his mom would be upset not to be included in their wedding he said, “She doesn’t get to care. She eloped too.”

It’s true. I did elope.

When you elope, your wedding day is just for you and your partner.

You don’t have to worry about organizing a hundred guests. You don’t have to stress about money. When you and your partner promise to love each other forever, it’s not about anything but the two of you.


The secret to resolving relationship conflict

The reason I am most excited to have my son on the podcast is to talk about his superpower. Logan uses humor to lead people without sounding like a jerk.

He can do this in any area of his life, but what’s really amazing is how this superpower helps him solve conflict in his marriage.

Logan so casually says: “Well, a little conflict here. Let’s embrace it, talk about it, and move on.”

What!? It can’t be that easy…

But it is. If you let it be.

And the secret? Laughter.


Why laughter is better for your relationship communication

Aside from sharing the cooking, Logan and his wife break down their chores to inside and outside. He takes care of outside chores and she takes care of inside chores.

Recently, however, his wife plopped the recycling (collected inside) smack dab in the middle of the garage (stored outside).

At first, my son looked at the recycle. Truly just plopped there. Message sent: “My task is now yours.”

He started to laugh. Then he went inside, “I guess you just get to dump your job into my territory,” he said to his wife.

“It was funny,” he assured me. No irritation in his voice. Life and love are better when you can see the humor.

Try this: 

This week’s habit for your happily ever after is to discover what’s funny about the conflict in your relationship.

I can hear some of you saying: “Seriously, Rebecca? You want me to laugh even though my partner forgot to take out the trash AGAIN?”

Yes. Because laugher will make you feel better.

It’s normal to feel frustrated. Let yourself be frustrated. Stomp. Yell.

Then watch yourself. And channel the voice of my son, who makes it sound so easy to choose laughter.

If you can find the laughter, you’ll find it’s easier to connect with your partner instead of letting your anger push them away.

If you can be happy…why not choose happiness?

This is my son’s true superpower. He just keeps choosing happiness.

Is it hard for you to choose to be happy? Does it feel like it’s not your choice at all?

Logan finds the happiness in a moment that could have become an irritant.

How can you do the same?

  • Let yourself have time to feel your own feelings.
  • Look for what’s funny. Then give yourself 90 seconds to remember that your partner loves you.
  • Notice what may be going on with your partner instead of accusing them.

This is Big Work. Remind yourself you’re shaping a lifetime relationship. How do you want to communicate? What patterns are you creating?

When my son told me he’d eloped, at first I felt left out. Disappointed. Even…angry. Then I thought about it, I’m angry that my son eloped? I feel left out of my son’s wedding? I chose to see my feelings as funny. It’s not MY wedding day. Not my marriage. And that allowed me to choose the laughter.


Please join me in celebrating

50 episodes of the podcast is a big deal for me. I invite you to celebrate with me. Text me at 970-210-4480 and tell me about your favorites: favorite habit, favorite take away, or a favorite discussion you had as a result of hearing the podcast.

Thanks for listening. I love making the podcast and knowing you’re there to hear the discussion.

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