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Do you have a wedding coming up? A food truck is a great way to affordably feed your guests.

In episode 50, my son, Logan, and I talked about eloping and how laughter helps in your relationship communication. However, Logan and I also talked about his food truck.

It’s officially wedding season and Logan has some advice about to handle food at your wedding. In this bonus episode, you’ll hear:

  • Why a food truck is an affordable option for food at your wedding
  • How having a food truck brings a unique and fun vibe to your wedding
  • Some questions to ask to ensure everything goes smoothly if you are hiring a food truck for your wedding



Food trucks: A fun way to feed all your wedding guests?

My son, Logan, owned a food truck called The Surfin’ Salmon that made amazing tacos. Since the tacos were so good, the lines were long.

The biggest question he faced was how do I get all these people fed fast?

When Logan was hired for a wedding, the environment was more organized and relaxed than a festival.

But there’s still the question of how to get all the wedding guests fed. You don’t want a hundred people waiting in line to order.

Logan’s solution to this is to have people line up in waves. Sending them by table will make sure no one is waiting in line too long.

It’s also a good idea to have snacks and yard games near the line. A cheese board will ensure no one gets too hungry, and corn hole can entertain anyone while they wait.


A food truck really can feed everyone… if you’re strategic

It takes some planning and organization beforehand for a food truck to successfully feed all your wedding guests.

If you hire a food truck and have them show up without a plan, you’ll run into problems.

First, you need to determine if you want them to bring their full menu, or keep it to just a few options. It’s important to tell them how many guests they will be feeding as well, so they don’t bring too much or too little food.

Having the food truck cater specifically to your wedding will help you cut costs too.

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A food truck won’t break the bank

Weddings are expensive. We all know that.

But a food truck is a good option for cutting costs based on what you want.

When Logan took his food truck to weddings, the cost was impacted by how many guests he was feeding and how fast the bride and groom wanted him to get through the line.

If you’re okay with the line going slower, the food truck can bring fewer employees. That would definitely give you a lower price.

A food truck can customize your guests’ experience and add a unique element to your wedding, while keeping things more affordable for you.

As long as you ask the right questions, a food truck is a great option to have at your wedding.

If you want to hear more from Logan, listen to my 50th episode where he talks about eloping, the best way to resolve conflict, and his superpower.

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