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What stops you from feeling pleasure?

I believe that feeling pleasure allows you to grow as a human being. We all are taught how growing pains make us stronger. But we rarely talk about how growing pleasures make us stronger.

My guest is the romance novelist Grace Woods, author of the trilogy: To Be Continued…

This is a steamy book with some great sex scenes, but I was even more compelled by the character’s journey. In this episode, we talk about:

  • How you can stop resisting pleasure and develop a full capacity to whole-heartedly receive pleasure
  • The connection between erotic romance novels and relationship coaching
  • How pleasure can help you connect to your partner on a deeper level



Use your imagination to connect with your partner

Ashley and Luke are the central characters of To Be Continued by Grace Woods. Ashley is a chemistry teacher, and Luke is an oil billionaire.

How do these two very different characters form such a strong connection?

One curial way is through their pleasure.

It’s difficult to be emotionally vulnerable. When you open yourself up to feel pleasure, you lay the groundwork for a deeper emotional connection with your partner.

Listen to the episode to find out how Luke and Ashely use their imagination in sexy scenarios that eventually lead them to foster true intimacy.

How can you use your imagination to move past fear and connect with your partner through pleasure?

Try this:

In To Be Continued, Luke and Ashley use the word “Purple” to tell each other: I love this. I want more.

This week, talk with your partner and come up with your own “Purple” word to let each other know that you want more.

Pleasure helps you heal

All of us humans have a wound. A hole in our heart. As we find our primary love, we hope to heal that hole in our heart.

Feeling pleasure helps you grow as a person. And it helps you grow together with your partner.

The beautiful garden you and your partner make fills the hole in your heart, and helps you become the whole person you long to be.

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Allow yourself to receive pleasure

In episode 47 we talked to transformational coach Kirstin Hotelling Zona about how pleasure is a critical part of our personal evolution.

In episodes 11 and 12 I talked about how to own your own orgasm, because we have built walls of shame around pleasure, and it’s time to knock those down.

To Be Continued shows us that pleasure can deepen your emotional connection with your partner and help you grow as a person.

It’s not always easy to receive pleasure. It takes work to open yourself up. But it was possible for Ashley and Luke.

It’s possible for you too.

Connect with my guest

In this episode my guest is the romance novelist Grace Woods, author of the trilogy: To Be Continued.

To Be Continued, To Be Continued Now, and To Be Continued Forever are available for purchase on Amazon.

You can connect with Grace Woods on Instagram.

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