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Are you sick of having the “What’s for dinner?” argument every night?

This is a common complaint with so many of my clients. You’re tired. You’re overwhelmed. So, you think about dinner right about the time everyone is hungry and strained in the resource department.

That means we reach for the fastest food, which isn’t necessarily the healthiest food.

My guest today is Jenna Lee Rude, the founder of the app Raised on Plants. She’s here to offer practical tips to stop dinner-time disagreements and help you feel good about what you feed your family. You’ll hear how:

  • Meal prep doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Prep quick-grab foods when you have time so that busy week nights are easier.
  • It’s easier than ever to feed your family plant-based foods that nourish them.
  • Feeding your family is Big Work. It’s important to be gentle with yourself as you work out a plan that fits with your values.



You can make it easy to nourish your family

It’s important to eat healthy food. It gives you energy you need to do the things you love. And it gives your kids the nutrients they need to grow.

But when you’re busy, it’s hard to imagine how to incorporate health food into your lifestyle.

Jenna offers ideas that will make it easy to feed your family healthy food.

Jenna’s family is committed to a plant-based lifestyle. But you don’t have to be completely plant-based to include more plants in your diet.

Start small. Don’t try to make a week’s worth of plant-based dinners if you normally struggle with finding the energy to cook on a weeknight.

Try and include 1 new plant in your breakfast each week. Put it in a smoothie, or a breakfast skillet.

One little change at a time will get you on the right track.

Try this:

This week’s habit for your happily ever after is to go on a food adventure to find a new color of food to eat.

Try shopping the rainbow, or choose a plant that you can introduce into your breakfast.

Hoping won’t make dinner happen

The week is full. You’re busy. You want to plan, but what does that look like?

Jenna has some ideas for how you can be intentional about food one day of the week, and make things fast and easy for those nights when you’re rushing home.

What ingredients can be prepped ahead of time so that dinner can be tossed together in under 10 minutes? Here’s my list:

  • Chopped and/or sautéed veggies
  • Rice, quinoa or another grain
  • Grilled chicken or cooked ground meat

What are the building blocks of the kind of food you like to eat?

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Include your whole family

Meal prep doesn’t have to be boring.

Get the whole family in the kitchen together. Start an assembly line and give everyone a task. Turning this chore into a game will invite fun and laughter into your family.

Your little kids are desperate to be involved in whatever you do. Your teenager needs you more than they let on.

When you chop veggies next to your kiddo, you talk about things differently. Busy hands make for friendly conversation.

You don’t have time to do everything

Jenna names this truism about parenting: When faced with three choices, you often only have time for two.

I know how hard you’re working hard and you don’t have time for everything that’s valuable. I hope you’ll take comfort knowing you’re not alone.

Don’t be hard on yourself. And remember that your needs matter, because you’re keeping the boat afloat.

Date Night Discussion:

I invite you to listen to how Jenna and her family talk about food.

How can you involve everyone who eats in your household to be a part of choosing the foods you eat?

Plan with your family and listen to all choices, trying to make concessions for each family member.

Connect with my guest

Connect with Jenna on social media @JennaLeeRude and @RaisedonPlants.

For her books, classes, coaching, and favorite plant based products download the Raised on Plants App in the app store or visit her website.

To collaborate or partner with her community as a PRO visit

You can text HHEA to 704-579-6429 for freebies and a 30% discount code towards all access membership when you download the app.

Jenna Lee Rude is a wife to Jake, mom of two little plant based girls, and the founder of the Raised on Plants app and community.

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