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Rebecca Mullen
Life Coach

Are you overwhelmed? You feel stuck?

I’d been to everyone. Doctors, therapists, blogs, books, and psychiatrists. None of that gave me relief. If I’m honest, I thought the “Life coach” thing was a joke. But I was willing to try anything.

After 6 sessions of working with Rebecca, I felt this 10,000 pound relief off my shoulders.

Jennifer CarlisleFlorida

I’m a good listener. A really, really good listener. I’d love a chance to listen to you. Book an appointment with me today. Let’s find out what is hiding in your potential.

Are you tired of just surviving?

Do you dream of a life filled with potential and energy?

Rebecca has a seemingly endless “toolbox” of solutions to help me achieve my professional goals. And she has a warm smile through the whole process! I feel more focused and confident.

Elise AndersonColorado

Do you have a big dream?

You can feel it calling to you, but you don’t know how to land that dream in reality?

The primary value Rebecca offered me was intangible, not something that money can buy. She helped me have a vision for the book, allowing my story to flow.

Dale StapletonAuthor

What do I do?

I see that thing in you that you’ve been resisting. (My hunch is you just listed your three worst qualities and you are now washed in shame and dread. Eek! She’s going to figure out I’m a loser!) Here’s a secret, most people aren’t resisting their shortcomings.

Maybe you’re wondering…

"Just how far could I go if I had the support I need?"

Although a life coach may seem like a luxury, using Rebecca’s services sped up my success by an immeasurable amount. If I didn’t have her insight, I’d probably still be wallowing in The Pit of Despair, uncertain about my future, instead of having clear goals and plans.

Kathryn BennettSilver Medal Winner, National Strongman Competition

I carried my children until they asked to be put down.

Many people worried I was spoiling them, “They need to develop their independence.” But I believe ambition and tenacity are natural human traits. When we are given all the love and support we need, we are excited to walk on our own. It worked with my kids. It will work with you too.

I know that sounds corny. And sentimental. But these are qualities that make me a good coach. I laugh really loud and I tear up easily. I’m earnest, but light hearted. I’m an easy person to talk to. And I’m super curious. I’m curious to know what makes you tick. Why do you do the things you do? And is that OK with you? Or do you want to find a new story? A new path? A new way to look out at the day?

You’re thinking, “How could she help me, though?”

I help you see where you're stopping yourself.

Then I walk beside you as you open the door on possibilities built of teeny, tiny action steps.

Rebecca’s work is capacious enough to unite all the facets of what I do and all the ways the sacred shows up in the mundane in my life.

Allison EvansNebraska

Already sense that we are a good fit?

Please reach out for your complimentary discovery session.

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Rebecca has been my coach for several years now, and she has helped me immeasurably in multiple arenas--parenting, career goals, friendships, marriage, difficult dreams--whatever I bring to her, she always has a tool, a method, a framework for helping me make better sense of what is happening and how I can move through it with more grace. She is one of the best listeners I have ever met. I never thought I needed a life coach. Now I can't imagine being without her. Life is better with Rebecca guiding me through it!

Rosemerry Wahtola TrommerColorado

It's time to discover what's hiding in your potential. Let's work together.

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