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April Fool’s Day is a Sexy Holiday.

Why do I say this? Because laughter and joy are the best aphrodisiacs. When you’re laughing, and especially when you inhabit that impish energy of the trickster, you’re ready to take risks.

Risks are exciting to the lover in your relationship.

What tiny trick can you play on your lover this April Fool’s Day to spark fun in your relationship?

My brother was always famous for planting water bombs in kitchen cabinets. Open a cupboard: get soaked.

My son hid tiny firecrackers all over our house. There’s nothing tiny about the sound they make. Especially at 2:00am when I was just opening my closet to get a robe out. KEPOW!


April Fool’s is a great day to bond with your teenager

There’s a particular unity that comes from planning a caper. Teenagers, who often are looking for ways to get out of the house, were all in on the night we rented a helium tank to trick our neighbors.

Years ago, my family snuck around in the dark and filled trucks with balloons. It was a bonding activity. We were April’s fools.

We rented a helium tank, did the requisite inhaling and high-pitched funny talking, and filled dozens of balloons. Then we stuck a bunch in the front seat of each of our neighbors’ cars with the note, “April fool!”

Sometimes it’s tricky to still feel like a unit when you’ve got teenagers itching to drive away from home at every opportunity. Kids are supposed to try and break away from a family but it is a natural desire for me to still want to capture that familial spirit of togetherness from time to time.

Playing a prank on a neighbor is apparently just the ticket. “I feel like a spy or something,” I said as we moved from one house to the next.

“Why do you think I’m wearing a black hat and black gloves?” asked my daughter. “Well, actually I was just cold, but it sounds good, right?” And we all quietly giggled afraid of alerting one of the multitude of dogs. There is something so exciting about not wanting to get caught. It brings out the seventh grader in all of us.

Bond with your teenager Play an April Fools JokeThere was absolutely no reason to fill balloons except for the giddiness it inspires. Finding something fun for a family gets increasingly difficult as people mature and develop their own tastes. This caper glowed as radiantly as these colorful balloons.

We skulked about in the dark, tip-toeing on noisy rocks. My husband and I sent the kids out as front-runners. Their job was to open the neighbor’s car doors without alerting people inside the homes.

I kept watch and my husband drove the pick-up vehicle.

In one location a motion-censored light flooded the scene as the kids closed the car door. Afraid he’d been spotted, my son began to run and he hollered to the rest of us to “Get out of here.”

Adrenaline coursed through me even though I knew it was a silly game. That’s the fun of a caper. As the four of us poured into our truck to drive away, the chatter began about how close we came to getting caught. “I was sure he saw me,” said my son.

“We had one chance at closing the door, so we just shut it hard so we wouldn’t have to do it again, but it was so loud!” said my daughter. “He had to have heard it.”

Fear mixed with excitement is a memorable combination. My neighbors are good sports and laughed the next morning as April Fools Day dawned on them, and my family got a big dose of party color.

I highly recommend shoving balloons in your friend’s cars when they aren’t looking. Just try to keep the dogs quiet.

Try this:

Ask someone you love to help you play a trick on another someone you love.

Then watch the love multiply.

Here’s a great resource from BoredPanda for other April Fools Day pranks.

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