The Vegetarian & The Hunter

Teachers will tell you, “Read to your child to promote literacy.” This is a book for parents to help promote intimacy.

I am guessing you feel overwhelmed with kids at home while you’re so isolated and quarantined.

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You are not alone.

I am hopeful this book will help meet you where you are. Twenty years ago, when the ideas in this book were forming in my head, I was in the midst of a personal isolation/crisis.

We had just moved to a new city and I knew no one. I worked from home so I could care for our two children ages five and two while my husband attended grad school. My mother died. Then two brothers were in accidents that left them in comas. Then another brother died. Then my step-father died.

The grief and loneliness tested me. I was overwhelmed and lonely.

Perhaps you can relate to how I was simply checking boxes to survive:

  • I got dressed
  • I got people fed
  • I worked enough to pay the bills

Then I did one last thing so I felt like I did more than just keep us alive:

  • I read to my kids

This book is about the journey that took me from feeling empty and lost to feeling connected and grounded.

Everyone knows that reading to your child promotes literacy. This is a book about reading to your child to promote intimacy. Intimacy allows you to fully connect. When we listen to our children’s unique stories, we offer them the legacy of belonging.

Reading to Your Children Altared Spaces“Rebecca’s voice in The Vegetarian and the Hunter is part memoirist, part librarian, part mom and part life coach. Her fresh perspective on reading is entertaining, engaging and a pleasure to read.”

– Jill Burkey, Law Office manager and mother of two

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