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In a long relationship, how do you keep WANTING each other?

A fun habit is easy to keep. Your sexual relationship deserves a treat.

In this episode you’ll discover a way to keep your sex life thriving

  • You’ll hear a story about a romance that was dead and was resuscitated
  • You’ll get an adventurous habit
  • And I’ll give you a date night discussion topic so you and your lover can explore ways to tend the fire between you.

Friends want to relax together. Partners want to achieve together. Lovers want to explore together.

When we’re both playing the same role—partner, lover, or friend—it’s easy to connect in your relationship. But you and your spouse are not always approaching things in the same role, right?

Stories for your relationship

You’ll hear a story about dance class and why getting the steps perfect may be killing your romantic life.

You’ll also hear a story about a wild ride on The Colorado River and how my husband hurt my feelings so much I wanted to jump in the river.

But I’d misunderstood. When I actually understood what he meant, I fell in love with him all over again.


How many times has your relationship or sex life been ruined by a misunderstanding? And what’s the fix?

Habit for Your Happily Ever After

Take your relationship on an adventure.

What kind of adventure appeals to you in your relationship?

  • Explore an unknown place
  • Do a physical activity together
  • Experience something artistic and be inspired together

What adventure can your relationship afford?

  • A museum on “free and open to the public” day
  • Ski the free trails near your house
  • Hop on a plane and get lost together in a new place

Tell me about the adventure you and your spouse have. Text me at 970-210-4480 and start your text saying, “We juiced up our sex life when we…”

Date Night Discussion

When it’s easy you’ll create a habit. And habits that connect you will foster your happily ever after. So don’t wait to talk to your spouse.

Ask these questions this week.


  • When do you and your spouse connect best as lovers?
  • What makes you WANT your lover?
  • When do you feel desirable?

Hint: think about when you laugh most easily. Or when you are a little bit scared as you both step out of your comfort zones together. A tiny bit of fear—once conquered together—tends to be very bonding for lovers.

The idea with these questions is just to begin—BEGIN—to get a glimpse of the lover-role in your marriage. Don’t put pressure on yourself to get signed up for salsa lessons today.

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