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Rebecca Mullen

You wouldn’t be looking for a life coach or a relationship coach if you hadn’t tried a variety of things on your own. But I’m guessing that you’re frustrated at trying so hard and not seeing results. I am a Grand Junction life coach, and I help people across the nation with free practical, actionable advice. If you also live in The Grand Valley, we can meet in person at my office. Most of my clients live elsewhere, so I’m completely comfortable if you prefer virtual sessions.

How will I make a difference for you?
I listen. I have a full toolkit. I follow up.

You will feel so completely heard that suddenly, you’ll recognize new things about yourself. I’ll give you tools so it’s not just about trying harder. I’ll follow up, and I won’t let you give up on yourself or your marriage. Book your free introductory session:

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Grand Junction Life Coach Rebecca Mullen

Grand Junction life coach Rebecca Mullen and her dog, Ode Yedder.

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Life coach Rebecca Mullen at home in Grand Junction, Colorado.

Life coach Rebecca Mullen at her home outside Grand Junction, Colorado.

About Life Coaching in Grand Junction

I believe in altared spaces: tiny, particular things that alter the way we see the world. What’s in your phone? Your bag? On the passenger seat of your car? These little altared spaces are decorating your life and they’re impacting who you are.

As a result of my work with them, my clients have:

  • figured out how to negotiate shared chores and improved their marriage.
  • returned to school and found work they love.
  • started a business and written a book.
  • made more money.
  • cleaned up their countertops and closets.
  • found purpose after retirement or after kids leave the nest.

Need to know more? Here’s the quick list:

  • I am a Grand Junction life coach living in a tiny town with only one stop sign; and it doesn’t even stop traffic both ways.
  • My undergraduate degree is in theatre.
  • I got my Master’s Certification studying at The Martha Beck Institute.
  • I’ve been coaching since 2008.
  • I have two children and I’ve been married to their father for 33 years.
  • My clients live in all kinds of time zones. I work on zoom or over the phone. My office is located in Grand Junction, Colorado in case you can meet in person.
  • I’ve taught dozens of classes, both in person and on-line, drawing students internationally, so I have hand outs and homework that will help you stay focused and moving ahead.
  • My book is called The Vegetarian and the Hunter.
  • My favorite things include windmills, blue herons and the number 11.

Rebecca Mullen is a gifted coach who I would recommend without reservation. Rebecca has coached me on a number of occasions in a variety of areas: writing, goal-setting, and every-day life issues. She has a wonderful listening talent and is able to pick up on subtle communication cues, asking the probing questions that help me get to the root of an issue. Rebecca's intuition and insights have helped me move past whatever obstacles are blocking me, enabling to move forward with clarity.

YvetteSuperior, Colorado

Rebecca has been my life coach for several years, and she has helped me immeasurably in multiple arenas—parenting, relationships, marriage, communication, difficult dreams—whatever I bring to her, she always has a tool, a method, a framework for helping me make better sense of what is happening and how I can move through it with more grace. I never thought I needed a life coach. Now I can’t imagine being without her. Life is better with Rebecca guiding me through it!

Rosemerry Wahtola TrommerPoet, Mother, Wife and author of Naked for Tea and Even Now
Rebecca and her husband, high school sweethearts.

Rebecca and her husband, high school sweethearts.

About Relationship Coaching in Grand Junction

The thing I’m most proud of in my life is my marriage.

My husband and I met in junior high school so we grew up together and navigated a lot of changes. We’ve been through big adventures like flipping a raft in the icy waters of the Alsek River in Alaska. And we’ve comforted each other during several family deaths including my mother, step-father and brother. We have struggled financially for years, and, later, we learned to invest together.

Why am I proud? This is not the same marriage we started with. I would say that our marriage died twice and we managed to find something new in the ashes of the old. During those resurrections of our love we both had to grow. I noticed I was pretty controlling and he realized how important it is to me that he communicate. It’s been a wild ride, far more frightening than that raft flip and lonelier, at times, than losing my mom.

I made a vow after my parents’ divorce, that I would create a whole family. Have you heard the life-mastery phrase: do one, see one, teach one? I searched out every resource I could find to help me understand what it takes to make a relationship work during the difficult times as well as the times of joy. I’ve been practicing see one for 50 years. I’ve been in the do one phase of marriage for more than three decades.

Now I’m eager to share with you what I’ve learned, and I want you to join me as I teach one.

I invite you to join my free online course to improve marriage communication.

Help for couples who want to grow close for a lifetime.

Want to stop arguing and start connecting with your spouse? This free e-course will offer you habits to improve your marriage communication so you can smile more and fight less. Get started today by signing up:

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