No More Loneliness:

End the Silent Treatment in Your Marriage

Tired of lonely silences in your relationship? This free e-course will help you thaw the cold shoulder in your marriage so you can end the loneliness and feel united.

No More Loneliness:

End the Silent Treatment in Your Marriage

Tired of lonely silences in your relationship? This free e-course will help you thaw the cold shoulder in your marriage so you can end the loneliness and feel united.

Are you suffering from the silent treatment in your relationship?

It sucks to be the one who is being iced out: you feel lonely and ostracized. It also sucks to be the one who is icing: you feel tight inside and desperate to regain control.

It was a relief to hear Rebecca voice aloud the struggles I face in my marriage. She shared stories I could relate to. Through her course, she provided realistic strategies to face these struggles and to take responsibility for what I bring into my marriage.

Diana Crabtree GreenCPA, Founder of Buck the Budget

How does "End the Silent Treatment" work?

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Rebecca’s class helped us find new ways to reliably connect. Before the class, we were taking each other for granted, but we learned to notice each other more deeply. We pay more attention to the small, everyday moments we share.

Alice Whitaker and Ryan PascoBoston, Massachusetts

Want to know more?

Have you given the cold shoulder?

Do you give the silent treatment to your spouse? Maybe you feel like you’re at your wits end and you’ve run out of options. The silent treatment feels like the only way to protect yourself from a spouse who has hurt you. You don’t like giving the silent treatment, but you don’t know how to change.

Instead of beating yourself up for yet another poor communication strategy, you’ll learn how to treat yourself with compassion. You’ll learn how to let go of unproductive communication, and connect with your spouse instead of alienate them.

Have you received the cold shoulder?

Does your spouse give you the silent treatment? You feel confused, ostracized and lonely. You try to reach out, but your spouse ignores you or shakes off your hug.

Instead of begging to be accepted by your spouse, or blaming them for being so mean (your spouse is hurting too), treat yourself with compassion. Learn the four principles of the WARM formula to thaw the ice of the silent treatment between you and your spouse. Get encouragement to stand firm, expecting your spouse to treat you with kindness. Learn when and how to engage with your spouse, and when and how to set a boundary when your spouse chooses this unhealthy communication strategy.

Visit the cold shoulder in a warm moment

Your relationship suffers from those silent treatments, but you’ve found your way back to normal. You want to avoid the subject of the silent treatment at all costs, afraid that bringing it back up will only cause conflict. So you dodge the subject and everything’s fine. Until. The next conflict. Then the silent treatment is back with vengeance.

Learn strategies to deal with the chill of the silent treatment during the warm moments in your relationship. This lesson will walk you and your spouse through a series of questions to help you understand what happens to you and your spouse during the silent treatment. You’ll get help to visit the conversation with objectivity rather than blame. Learn to let go of the silent treatment and create healthy communication strategies.

The class was easy to navigate and well organized with plenty of visual and written resources to refer back to along the way. Rebecca continues to be an incredible coach and source of wisdom in our lives.

Shannon & Patrick MarklandSebring, Florida

"End the Silent Treatment" Includes:

4 Videos
3 Transcripts
3 Worksheets

This course clarifies the actions steps to get your marriage back on track. I love your course and believe it is knowledge not presented in other marriage topics or podcasts I listen to.

Araceli Gomez
Eliminate the silent treatment and cultivate your happily ever after.

I am Rebecca Mullen, my company is called Altared Spaces, and the thing I’m most proud of in my life is my marriage.

My husband and I met in junior high school so we grew up together and navigated a lot of changes. We’ve been through big adventures like flipping a raft in the icy waters of the Alsek River in Alaska. And we’ve comforted each other during several family deaths including my mother, step-father and brother. We have struggled financially for years, and, later, we learned to invest together.

Why am I proud? This is not the same marriage we started with. I would say that our marriage died twice and we managed to find something new in the ashes of the old. During those resurrections of our love we both had to grow. I noticed I was pretty controlling and he realized how important it is to me that he communicate. It’s been a wild ride, far more frightening than that raft flip and lonelier, at times, than losing my mom.

I made a vow after my parents’ divorce, that I would create a whole family. Have you heard the life-mastery phrase: do one, see one, teach one? I searched out every resource I could find to help me understand what it takes to make a relationship work during the difficult times as well as the times of joy. I’ve been practicing see one for 50 years. I’ve been in the do one phase of marriage for more than three decades. Now I’m eager to share with you what I’ve learned, and I want you to join me as I teach one.

I learned to look at myself and my partner’s tendencies and needs in new ways, and built skills to support those new findings throughout Rebecca’s classes.

Lindsey DavisSalt Lake City, Utah

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This personal growth class was created based upon my years as a coach working with couples as well as decades of research. As with any personal growth, the critical factor is you: The effort, time and dedication you put in. I am not responsible for you success: Your success is based on you showing up for yourself. Neither am I responsible for your failure: You won’t change if you don’t engage. I promise to provide you with a great toolbox filled with insight and practical habits. These students agree that they were happy with the results they obtained.