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Are you a leech in bed?

We all resort to leechy love–love that TAKES instead of receiving–when our desire has been starved.

In this episode you learn to practice receiving the love you crave

  • We’ll examine the link between wanting and receiving
  • You’ll discover why you don’t want to be a leech in bed
  • And you’ll get a habit to help you RECEIVE pleasure so you don’t have to be grabby and TAKE the pleasure you crave


Stories to help you own your orgasm

A leech hides in the mud of ponds or lakes. When they sense movement, like your foot wading through the water, they attach to your skin and with their 100 or more tiny teeth, they begin to suck your blood.

Leeches are uninvited. And they drain you of precious life force.

You do not want to be a leech with your lover.

Leech love happens when you don’t know how to receive pleasure, so the leechy part of you comes out to TAKE what you want instead of allowing yourself to receive love that is freely given.

If you’re wondering how to receive pleasure, study a little kid. Kids have no hesitation, and receive with ease.

But what happens when a four-year-old is promised a lollipop, then they have to earn that lollipop by eating their vegetables? How does deserving or “being nice” inhibit your ability to own your own orgasm?

Habit for Your Happily Ever After

This week’s habit for your happily ever will help you practice receiving.

Run your own greedy-girl-styled experiment: indulge a simple but neglected—or better: forbidden—desire. And when I say INDULGE, I mean go overboard.

What is that thing you’re constantly rationing? You won’t allow yourself to indulge because you’re terrified you’ll never get your self-control back? What is it you crave but feel you don’t deserve? Indulge this desire.

One word of caution: I don’t see the same results when this exercise is done with food or drink. Anything you ingest into your body changes your biochemistry. Try this exercise with a sensual pleasure that doesn’t your sense of taste, but rather something sound, or touch, smell, or sight.

I want to hear about your desire experiment. Text me at 970-210-4480 and tell me about what you discovered.

Relationship Date Night Discussion

This week talk about a time you watched your lover truly receive something. Celebrate how great that made you feel.

If you watched your lover receive a promotion and they stepped into that new job with eagerness and integrity: tell them about how attractive that is to you.

If your lover is the kind of person who truly enjoys their morning cup of coffee tell them about how fun it is to watch them enjoy themselves as they get out their favorite mug, and sip their morning joe.

When you celebrate how your sweetheart is able to receive it liberates your lover to receive more freely.

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