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How can you keep the “ever after” of your relationship happy?

You make the invisible moments of love and tenderness  in your relationship visible.

In this episode you’ll learn the secret power of hello and goodbye

  • You’ll get a hello and goodbye habit to practice
  • I’ll give you a date night discussion prompt that will make you feel welcomed by your sweetheart
  • And I’ll offer you a present that will add a game to your comings and goings.

Think for just a minute. Does your hello say, “I’m glad to see you!” or is your hello flavored with the taste of goodbye. I’m busy.

Stories for your relationship

You’ll hear a story about how a single word–hello–changed the character of a marriage.

You’ll laugh at the teeny tiny change I made in an attempt to shift the pattern.

And it will amaze you how long I practiced that tiny change.


What will happen to your relationship if your hello is flavored with goodbye?

Habit for Your Happily Ever After

To help you avoid a sandpapery hello, and to cultivate a tender goodbye with your sweetheart this week’s habit for your happily ever after is to notice the character of your hi and goodbye.

Notice? All you want me to do is NOTICE? How is that a habit?

You’ll hear in the podcast how simply noticing the character of my “hello” was what prompted me to shift it.

And look at the giant change it made in my relationship.

Before you can create a new habit and get that habit to stick, you need to know WHY creating that habit will change your life.

So your habit this week is simply to notice what kind of hi & bye is natural for you. What is your hi & bye like when you’re not even thinking about it?

HiByeHearts to make invisible moments visible in your relationshipFree gift!

To help you notice your Hi and Goodbye in a gentle, playful way, I created the HiByeHeart. This little guy is so beautiful. I’m really proud of it.

I had fun making it and it’s laminated so you can put it all kinds of places and it won’t wilt.

The idea is that you hide the heart for your sweetheart to find:

  • In your sweetheart’s shoe
  • Rolled up in the toilet paper
  • Or sneak it in between the peanut butter and jelly in a sandwich.

The purpose of the heart isn’t to find the best hiding place though. It’s to make a game out of noticing that hi and bye matter. The heart is just a little fun way for you remind yourself.

Relationship Date Night Discussion

This week ask your sweetheart about their most memorable goodbye.

You’ll hear a story about a memorable goodbye between me and my father and how he made me feel welcomed and seen and loved as he said goodbye.

What’s your memorable hello or goodbye? I want to know. Text me at 970-210-4480

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