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I am available for personal coaching, group facilitation and speaking engagements. Please use my website contact form to connect with me so we can set up your next appointment or get to know each other with a complimentary 30-minute consultation.

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Personal Coach

You wouldn’t be looking for a coach if you hadn’t tried a variety of things on your own. But I’m guessing that you’re frustrated at trying so hard and not seeing results.

How will I make a difference for you?

I listen. I have a full toolkit. I follow up.

You will feel so completely heard that suddenly, you’ll recognize new things about yourself. I’ll give you tools so it’s not just about trying harder. I’ll follow up, and I won’t let you give up on yourself.

Rebecca has a wonderful listening talent and is able to pick up on subtle communication cues, asking the probing questions that help me get to the root of an issue.

YvetteSuperior, Colorado

Personal Coaching

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Speaker / Group Facilitation

You know exactly what your organization needs, but you also know you won’t be able to help your team get there alone. You need to call in an expert.

First, I work with you – or a leader of your choosing – to clearly identify the change your organization needs. I do my own research with your staff to further diagnose systemic problems. Then I propose a tool(s) to facilitate improved function. After a group presentation I circle back with individuals to make sure each member of your team understands their role and their importance to the group.

I will help you create a cohesive team by:

  • distilling your current system so tasks don’t fall through the cracks.
  • simplifying your system’s flow so workers don’t get bogged down in unnecessary tasks.
  • facilitating an atmosphere where people listen so others will talk.

Together let’s make the most of your organization so you can reach your highest goals.

Rebecca was incredibly experienced and articulate. I loved the short exercises she took us through and I learned a completely different way to approach writing.

AnonymousFrom a survey after class

Rebecca is graceful and masterful. She leads with deep insight, a playful sense of humor and her open heart.

KateShort Hills, New Jersey

Group Facilitation

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Keynote Speaker

Here’s a list of Keynote Speeches I have offered previously. I’m also happy to customize something for your organization.

  • Listen So Others Will Talk
    How to Listen Effectively so Clients Hire You Again and Again
    You meet the new client. You listen to their needs. You design the proposal and you explain and explain and explain, and then, when the work is getting done, mistakes abound and wrong turns are ever-present. Cultivate the skill of listening in your workplace and reduce wasted time and personality tangles. You will learn to spotlight the skills you already possess as a listener and practice how to improve upon them. Learn the difference between listening to understand and listening to calm a situation.
  • Identify Your Ideal Client
    How to Talk So Your Ideal Client Will Hire You
    Do you find yourself talking to the wrong people? Or when you know you’ve found the right person; you stumble over your words? Learn to craft emails your clients will open. Open conversations so your clients engage. Engage your client so they will buy. Learn how to talk so your clients will listen, and not only listen but take action that impacts your bottom line.
  • Overwhelmed?
    How to Establish a Sustainable Work Flow
    Trouble finding time to bill clients? Are you constantly playing catch up? Or you’d love to catch up if you could simply find your desk? Learn to identify your natural work flow and how to set up a system that liberates you to do your best rather than feeling confined by rules that bore you or simply don’t offer success.
  • Put on Your Own Oxygen Mask First
    How to Keep Yourself Energized So You Can Care for Others
    How do you know what you need when you’re completely consumed by caring for the needs of someone else? Caregivers are often so focused on the needs of their patient that they can’t even recognize when they need a break, or, it they do, they don’t have energy for themselves. Learn to identify how your own care might be radically different from your clients. Then find a way to create time in your day for you to stay full so you can continue to fill the needs of others.

Don’t see what you need?

My favorite thing is to learn about your story. If you don’t see what you need in this list, but you know I’m the right person for your organization, let’s chat and discuss what you have in mind.

Keynote Speaker

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