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Six Steps to Better Marriage Communication

Want to stop arguing and start connecting with your spouse? This book will offer you habits to improve your marriage communication so you can smile more and fight less.

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What You'll Learn


Overcome Fear

When you’re afraid you hide. Or fight. Or run away. None of these behaviors will help you build intimacy with your spouse. These 4 lessons offer you practical tips to overcome fear so you can connect with your spouse.

Get Clear

A lack of clarity will cause conflict in your marriage. What do you want? It’s a simple quesLon, but most conflict begins because your or your spouse are confused. These 5 lessons will give you tools to get clear so you can communicate with kindness.

Ask Cleanly

If you want to intensify intimacy in your marriage, ask cleanly. You think you’re asking clearly, but you’re not. A clear ask is vulnerable, so we don’t want to do it. These 4 lessons will give you tools to ask differently so you connect with your spouse.

Beware Conditions

Conditions will suck the life out of your marriage. Have you ever felt like your spouse will love you IF you’re thin? Or IF you’re rich? Or IF you say yes instead of no? These 4 lessons will give you binoculars to see conditions coming so your love stays pure.

Affirm Lovingly

You’ve said “Yes,” your spouse hears “No.” What happened? These four lessons will help you identify invisible barriers in your language. Stop dissing your spouse unintenyionally so your spouse feels supported and loved.

Build Boundaries

Weak boundaries cause wounds, and you and your spouse hide to protect yourselves. These 4 videos help you create strong boundaries that create calm in your relationship. You’ll feel safe and free to love generously from a place of strength.

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6 Steps to Better Marriage Communication

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