Learn how to:


Overcome Fear


Get Clear


Ask Cleanly


Beware Conditions


Affirm Lovingly


Build Boundaries

6 Steps
to Better Marriage Communication

A self-paced online course.

Strong communication

is key in your relationship.

It’s terrifying to really say what you feel!

You’ll learn marriage communication strategies to overcome fear so you stop pretending and start connecting.

It was a relief to hear Rebecca voice aloud the struggles I face in my marriage. Through her course, she provided realistic strategies to face these struggles and to take responsibility for what I bring into my marriage.

Diana Crabtree GreenJacksonville, Oregon

Don’t let your romance fade away.

Improve your marriage communication with tools to build your attraction for decades to come.

Rebecca’s class helped us find new ways to reliably connect. Before we were taking each other for granted, but we learned to notice each other more deeply. We pay more attention to the small, everyday moments we share.

Alice Whitaker and Ryan PascoBoston, Massachusetts

Why take a class about marriage communication?

Poor communication is at the heart of most marriage conflicts.

  • A manager who could run a 20-person meeting but couldn’t talk to her spouse.
  • A couple whose daily argument was, “What’s for dinner?”
  • A couple who still loved each other, but it had been more than a year since they’d had sex.

How can you improve your marriage communication strategies in the midst of a busy life?

This class offers specific and practical tools. These tools are a co-creation with my clients which means I’ve seen them work to heal relationships.

You’re not the only one who struggles.

Maybe you’ve fallen into some bad habits.

You nag. You keep score.

You know you can do better, but you need a kickstart. This class will help you begin again.

Each habit Rebecca shared with us has changed our relationship in some aspect.

Patrick's favorite is the "yes, and/ no, but" shift in communication. For me, understanding the different "zones of life" we live in has made a huge difference in how we relate to one another.

Shannon & Patrick MarklandSebring, Florida

6 Steps to Better Marriage Communication

A quick look at what’s covered:

Overcome Fear

When you’re afraid you hide. Or fight. Or run away. None of these behaviors help you build intimacy with your spouse. These 5 strategies offer you practical tips to overcome fear so you can connect with your spouse.

Step 1

Get Clear

A lack of clarity will cause conflict in your marriage. What do you want? It’s a simple question, but most conflict begins because you or your spouse are confused. These strategies will give you tools to get clear so you can communicate with kindness.

Step 2

Ask Cleanly

If you want to intensify intimacy in your marriage, ask cleanly. You think you’re asking clearly, but you’re not. A clean ask is vulnerable, so we don’t want to do it. You’ll feel empowered to communicate cleanly when you learn—and use—The Clean Ask Formula.

Step 3

Beware Conditions

Conditions will suck the life out of your marriage. Have you ever felt like your spouse will love you IF you’re thin? Or IF you’re rich? Or IF you say yes instead of no? These 6 strategies will give you binoculars to see conditions coming so your love stays unpolluted.

Step 4

Affirm Lovingly

You’ve said “Yes,” your spouse hears “No.” What happened? These four lessons will help you identify invisible barriers in your language. Stop dissing your spouse unintentionally so your spouse feels supported and loved.

Step 5

Build Boundaries

Weak boundaries cause wounds. Then you and your spouse hide to protect yourselves. These strategies help you build strong boundaries that create calm in your relationship. You’ll feel safe and free to love generously from a place of strength.

Step 6

Life won’t always be easy.

Strong marriage communication habits unite you as a team.

Prepare for challenges to come.

Couples will gain from Rebecca's insights and habits; of that I'm certain.

Dawn LarsonFamily Psychotherapist and Founder of Colorado Therapies

How Does the Class Work?

6 Steps to Better Marriage Communication addresses the typical pitfalls in relationships. You’ll get a strong foundation on which to build a lifetime of strong marriage communication.

Video + Audio

Clear concepts are presented with stories and graphics so they are easy to digest on your own.


Simplified concepts prompt important discussions between you and your spouse.


Actionable habits are individualized so they work for your unique relationship.


Opportunities for you to receive personalized attention to untangle the unique struggles you face.


While it’s great to go at your own pace, you’ll also have a skilled coach prompting you to return to the material.

Lifetime Access

This allows you to move at the pace you need with the confidence you won’t miss out if you can’t “keep up.”

You know you love each other, but

The spark is gone and you feel invisible.

Daily life is mundane. You’re bored, or worse, you’re feeling bitter, lonely, or resentful.

We have young kids and most times it feels like we are on autopilot day to day. Rebecca’s class has reawakened our marriage. Her honesty, humor, and tenderness are a true gift as a teacher.

Betsy FryMarried for 10 years

I’m Rebecca Mullen and the thing I’m most proud of in my life is my marriage.

My husband and I:

  • Met in junior high
  • Healed the wounds from my parents’ divorce
  • Live in a marriage that “died” twice, then came back stronger

My clients have:

  • Reinvented what communication looks like
  • Grown deep trust to feel their partner is their best friend
  • Ignited their sex life including overcoming a sexless marriage

You will:

  • Fix bad communication habits that destroy your marriage
  • Learn tiny habits that are simple to implement
  • Watch those communication habits improve the connection you feel

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6 Steps to Better Marriage Communication

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This personal growth class was created based upon my years as a coach working with couples as well as decades of research. As with any personal growth, the critical factor is you: The effort, time and dedication you put in. I am not responsible for your success: Your success is based on you showing up for yourself. Neither am I responsible for your failure: You won’t change if you don’t engage. I promise to provide you with a great toolbox filled with insight and practical habits. These students agree that they were happy with the results they obtained.