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date night ideas

relationship habits create comfort for crisis situationsCommunicationMarriage

Crisis Clarifies What Comforts Your Relationship

What's better than the butterfly-twitterpation feeling you had in the beginning of your relationship when you were dating? Hollywood would tell you that the best part about a relationship is falling in love and the butterflies. The electric attraction you feel. Magnetic! Chemical attraction. That’s wonderful, to be sure. But…
Rebecca S Mullen
April 20, 2023
Stay in your own businessPodcast

Episode #17 Batch Your Date Nights

Is it hard for you to think of creative date nights? In today's episode: We’ll look at the three types of dates: for the Lover, the Friend, and the Partner You’ll learn to set the stage for your date night summit so you both come to the table full of…
Rebecca S Mullen
February 23, 2023