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Can you receive pleasure?MarriageUnderstanding Yourself

Are You a Leech in Bed?

Leech love takes and steals. You can't feel pleasure when you're stealing. Pleasure comes when you let yourself receive with an open heart. A leech hides in the mud of ponds or lakes. When they sense movement, like your foot wading through the water, they attach to your skin and…
Rebecca S Mullen
January 19, 2023
Stay in your own businessPodcast

Episode #11 Own Your Own Orgasm Part 1

Do you and your partner have the same fight over and over? Relationship conflict devolves into a predictable rhythm. Identify the rhythm and you can find your way out. In this episode we'll talk about how to own the pleasure you want to feel Why it’s critical to your relationship…
Rebecca S Mullen
January 12, 2023